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Belize Company Formation

Belize Company Formation

There are many reason you should form a company in Belize, including tax exemptions, effective estate management and being able to protect your assets for the long term. Company formation can seem a daunting prospect, especially in an offshore location, but provided all the paperwork is filed correctly and properly registered, you're free to start trading. Here at Coddan, we have a team of experts ready and waiting to help with the formation of a company in Belize. We'll take care of all the red tape so you don't have to. Everything can be done online and we'll make sure the process is completed in as little as two days, meaning you don’t have to wait to get down to business

  • Low set up costs and annual maintenance.
  • Fast incorporation process. Normally completed in 1 business day.
  • No requirements of a minimum paid up capital.
  • No requirements for accounting, reporting, filing and auditing.
  • Highest level of privacy protection, anonymity and confidentiality.
  • Information of shareholders, directors and beneficial owners is not part of any public record.
  • ZERO TAX on any kind of income.

Our step-by-step off-shore business incorporation guide to registering a company in Belize: If you want to form a company, it is worth considering whether you could benefit from an offshore incorporation. Many people are opting to take advantage of company formation abroad, particularly in countries like Belize.

As legally prescribed by our Regulator, Service Providers are required to maintain adequate due diligence or information pertaining to “Know Your Customer - KYC”. In addition, a duly completed application form is needed together with notarized photo ID (passport/drivers license) and references on all beneficial owners and signatory(ies) of the offshore company.
The main purposes of getting an Offshore Company are asset protection, tax reduction and confidentiality.
A low as One Business Day.
No, No personal Vsit required every thing can be done online.
It is an individual or professional corporation that acts on behalf of the company as Director, being subject to director obligations and fiduciary responsibilities and need not be related to the beneficial owner.
By law all service providers/registered agent are required to obtain records and proper due diligence on all their clients. This information is not made public but is retained for the registered agent’s record and statutory responsibilities.
Although the information of the Directors, Shareholders and Beneficial Owners is NOT part of any public record in Belize, we can provide you with Nominee Shareholder and Nominee Director services for further confidentiality and another layer of privacy.
No, the prospective client/owner is only required to sign the formal IBC application forms. The actual incorporation documents will be signed by the initial subscriber represented by the registered agent.

  • GOVT Fee Included
  • Incorporation Certificate
  • Article of Memorandum
  • Registered office for 1 year
  • Registered agent for 1 year 1 year
  • Every Doc Email Delivery

$ 1200 /one time

  • Everything of Ready to do kit
  • Paper Delivery All documents
  • Belize Mailing Address for 1 month
  • Belize Phone Number
  • Company Registration in 1 Day
  • Premium Support

$ 1800 /one time

  • Everything of Business Kit
  • Offshore Bank Account
  • US Phone Number
  • All Documents Fast Delivery
  • Document Notarisation
  • Lower Fee on 2nd year

$ 2,800 /one time

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