Paygetpro is a secured Payment Processing Business Software with built-in POS system and White label Reseller system.

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About Paygetpro

PayGetPro is a turn-key Payment Service Provider (PSP) Software including white label reseller system integrated with 3rd party Payment gateway/Banks. Full PCI DSS compliant Software. And its build according to client’s requirement. This online payment processing software passes authorization, payments, and settlement data between the merchant's website and the merchant's processor. The merchant processor links to the card association ("network"), which then connects to the bank that issued the card. The payments ecosystem is very fragmented, and thus highly specialized. Every payment passes through at least five or six different parties, otherwise known as the payments value chain.

What is PSP ?

Payment Service Provider

    Payment Service Providers, also known as PSPs, are set up in order to accept online payments. A PSP acts as a gateway between a merchant and a bank, as it processes transactions from a merchant to a bank or payment network.

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What makes paygetpro so great lets see at a glance .

CRYPTO (Bitcoin / Ethereum / ERC 20 Token)
Apple Pay / Google Pay

Why Choose Paygetpro

Paygetpro comes with a great looking creative design whcih attract clients easily and shows confident. Such a good looking PSP software is unique.


Paygetpro admin area is the place from where admin can manage every client of admin activities including business management in short-form its a place for managing the full business.

  • person_pin   Stunning Responsive Design.
  • person_pin   Admin Groups (Staff)
  • person_pin   All transections Monitor
  • person_pin   Refund Management
  • person_pin   Charge-back Management
  • person_pin   MID Setting
  • person_pin   Reseller Commission setting
  • person_pin   Resellers Withdraw System
  • person_pin   Merchants Withdraw System
  • person_pin   Resellers Account Approve & Verification
  • person_pin   Merchants Account Approve & Verification
  • person_pin   Resellers Reporting
  • person_pin   Merchants Reporting
  • person_pin   Merchants Finance Monitor
  • person_pin   Resellers Finance Monitor
  • person_pin   Total Companies Finance Monitor
  • person_pin   IP Blocking and UN-Blocking
  • person_pin   Gift card option


Paygetpro Reseller Panel is a place same as like admin but its for reseller reseller can re-brand, manage clients, monitor transections.

  • person_pin   Resellers Own Branding
  • person_pin   Resellers Client Management
  • person_pin   Resellers Client Approve and Verification
  • person_pin   Manage Profile
  • person_pin   Upload KYC Document
  • person_pin   Resellers Support Ticket (to admin and client)
  • person_pin   Security Management
  • person_pin   Make Withdraw
  • person_pin   Clients Withdraw Process
  • person_pin   Client Report
  • person_pin   Clients Transection Monitor
  • person_pin   Income Report
  • person_pin   Withdraw Report
  • person_pin   MID Management
  • person_pin   Marketing Tools
  • person_pin   Resellers Finance


Its merchant area from whre merchant can check his transections manage transection related activities.

  • person_pin   Stunning Responsive Design.
  • person_pin   Easy to use Merchants area
  • person_pin   Profile change
  • person_pin   Security settings
  • person_pin   Support Ticket System
  • person_pin   Transection Report
  • person_pin   Withdraw Management
  • person_pin   Refund Request
  • person_pin   Process Clients Verification
  • person_pin   Easy API Integration
  • person_pin   All Finance Report
  • person_pin   Payment Page Branding
  • person_pin   Marketing Tools
  • person_pin   Notofication System
  • person_pin   Settlement Bank Management