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CYPRUS Company Formation

CYPRUS Company Formation

Non-EU Resident ? Non-EU Resident? Form your own EU company from ANYWHERE in the WORLD, within 24 hours What makes a company in Cyprus so attractive to foreign investors are the numerous advantages and tax incentives which they enjoy. Such tax incentives spring from a reasonable and investor`s friendly tax environment, many legislative tax benefits, an easy, fast and fuss free process, an extensive double tax treaty network and much more.

  • No Need to visit in EU, or you don’t need any sponsor in EU in person.
  • No need to fax any document, or mail any document.
  • No need any EU resident address, or any physical office location in EU.
  • Zero tax on the dividends paid out to its non-resident shareholders.
  • Business bank account in only a few days after its incorporation.
  • No contract stamp duties in many occasions.
  • The company in Cyprus on its formation, can be logged with the vat authority in 2 days.
  • No tax is paid on any profits made by trading in its own shares or shares of other companies or other securities such a forex, bonds, debentures etc.

Form a Cyprus company today and enjoy the multitude of tax benefits it offers. It will open new horizons for the international entrepreneur and his business. The gains to be had are great. Read carefully the advantages, benefits and incentives you will be enjoying on the Cyprus company formation and it could be the break you were looking for your success in your international tax strategies and for tax optimization. A company in Cyprus is mostly called offshore company because it offers great advantages to foreign investors trading offshore and not in the country.

If you are looking for estublished an European Enitity and dont want complicated High Tax Issue then Cyprus is best and simple solution for you, its low tax facility simple company formation process and all over EU access will help to boost you business.
Any person or legal entity from any country can be the owner of a Cyprus company, the Real Owner.
The minimum capital for a Cyprus company formation is €1 and the maximum is unlimited. There is a tax of 0.6% on capital paid once.
You need a copy of your passport (not appostilled or notarised) and to fill in our questionnaire for your address, telephone number, email etc.
You may suggest a name of your liking or choose a name from our list of preapproved company names. It`s free. If you suggest your own name it will have to be approved by the Registrar of Cyprus companies. It takes generally about 5 days.
The yearly maintenance costs of a Cyprus company includes the following costs:

1. Payment to the Cyprus Company Registrar of €350 for the annual renewal fee.
2. Payment of a yearly fee for the Secretarial services.
3. An annual fee for the Registered Office address.
4. Usually a nominee director is used by most companies. He is paid an agreed yearly fee.
5. Also a nominee shareholder is most likely to be used for anonymity purposes. He is also paid a yearly fee.
6. Finally a Cyprus company must file audited accounts. This cost is also agreed with the client.
Yes if you have company in Cyprus you can open Business Bank Account in European Banks with your Business Name also you can get Merchant Account from Europe.

  • GOVT Fee Included
  • Incorporation Certificate Premium
  • Article of Memorandum Premium
  • Share Certificate
  • Register Office
  • Every Doc Email Delivery

$ 650   /one time

  • Everything of Premium
  • Business Bank Account in Europe
  • Merchant Account
  • Fast Processing
  • Mailing Address
  • Premium Support

$ 1,200   /one time

  • Ready To Do Kit
  • Tax registration
  • Business Address
  • Trust deeds (where applicable)
  • Every Document Paper Delivery
  • Cyprus Phone Number

$ 800   /one time

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