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HONGKONG Company Formation

HONG KONG Company Formation

Looking for a Offshore Zone in ASIA ? Choose HONG KONG, Hong Kong is a leading financial and business center. In 2011, Hong Kong ranked 9th in the world for GDP per capita, and its GDP was $353.7 billion US dollars.
Hong Kong government is acclaimed for preserving the city's business-friendly environment and maintaining the city's reputation as the easiest place to do business. The government adopts economic policies of free enterprise and free trade. Therefore, entrepreneurs from around the globe are setting up companies in Hong Kong.
A simple taxation system is the major attraction for doing business in Hong Kong. The profit tax is on a flat rate of 16.5%. More importantly, profit arising outside of Hong Kong is not taxable. There is no sales tax, VAT, or dividends tax in Hong Kong.
There are 5 types of business vehicles in Hong Kong – sole proprietorship, partnership, company limited by shares, company limited by guarantees, and branch office. The most common type is company limited by shares. This type of company is a separate legal entity, and it can enjoy limited liabilities to the par value of the issued shares.

  • Getting a Hong Kong Corporation is Relatively Cheap and Easy.
  • Hong Kong Corporate Tax Rate is 0% For Transactions Outside of Hong Kong.
  • You Can Write Off More Expenses Against a Hong Kong Corporation.
  • Hong Kong is a World Recognized Leader in Banking and Business.
  • A First Step Towards Globalization.

Anybody can form a Hong Kong company. However, a Hong Kong company must have at least one director, one secretary, and a physical location. Startupr will provide a registered office address and secretarial services so that you can serve as the director of the company.
Yes, the minimum is one shareholder/director. Your company must have a director and a secretary (secretary must be either a Hong Kong resident or local incorporated company). The director also serves as a member of the company.
Yes, but this is not the type of secretary who does clerical or secretarial work. Hong Kong incorporation requires you designate a corporate secretary who audits the company to ensure legal and regulatory compliance and represents the company for their legal documents. Startupr is ready to function as your corporate secretary if you cannot provide your own.
A company is a legal entity made of up directors, secretaries, and shareholders (members). The director is responsible for the day to day running of the company. The secretary is responsible for general government duties such as making sure returns are filed on time, notifying when addresses change, etc. The shareholder owns the company through holding shares.
A minimum of one shareholder or director. They do NOT have to be a citizen of Hong Kong and they can be the same person. A minimum issued/paid-up capital of one share worth 1 HKD. The general norm is usually 1,000 HKD.
Yes, you need to have a local registered address (P.O. Box not allowed). You can use Startupr’s registered address if you do not have one yourself.
Startupr is the fastest incorporation provider in Hong Kong. Using the Company Register (CR) provided by the Special Administrative Region (SAR) of Hong Kong, Startupr can form a Hong Kong Company in two hours.
You cannot use a name that is already in use or in the process of being registered. Company names already in use can be found in the Hong Kong Company Registry’s Cyber Search Center. If you don’t find your company name in the Registry, it is free to use.
The Company Name Guidelines require that an English company name must end with the word “Limited”. This suffix is “Limited” and not “Ltd.” However, some companies are using the suffix “Ltd.” or do not use the suffix at all.

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